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Make your teams the Customer Experience champions!

Action! It’s all about closing the loop

Metrivox is a Customer Experience platform that turns feedback into action. Capturing, analyzing, connecting operations and IT – Metrivox takes care of the data stream that acts to drive action. Value can be derived for every team, stakeholder, and top executive or also for the public. But the biggest value is created for the customer, and you can watch it growing.

Customer interaction in the team cloud

You want to support your teams at the point of customer contact. Collecting feedback as it is needed, Metrivox helps to activate customers, classify feedback in the team cloud , and uses it to generate and track action.

Central management and governance

All local feedback is synchronized and helps to drive the central strategy and governance machine. Policies, action plans, quality measures, definitions of roles and ownership form a governance model which will result in rules which act as a team cloud reference.

Feedback drives the Action Motor

No feedback without action! Each and every active contact by customers, every remark, rating or comment will lead to a proposed action. Which of these proposals should lead to real interaction? You define the rules.

Day to day decision making

Whether you need to support decisions by local sales and service personnel or whether you are feeding results into a CRM system using m2m technology, Metrivox provides you with tools and interfaces that lets your customer speak to every stakeholder in your company.

Data intelligence and rule setting

A core element driving the action motor is data intelligence. To achieve the best interaction quality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning track the success of actions and policies. Behavioral models will automatically adapt your services to market changes.

Collecting feedback and integrating data sources

Metrivox offers self-administrative tools for managing interviewing and statement collection. Additionally it integrates technical and operational data to enable more precise insights. The customer journey acts as the reference point for maintaining a consistent corporate data structure.

Metrivox Digital

Metrivox allows digital customer journey tracking in real time. Feedback and behavioral data are collected and created along the customer journey. Connect them with your own operational data and improve the digital experience on the go.

Metrivox B2B

In B2B markets, different sources need to be integrated to achieve an overall customer view. Yet the target group is small and interaction is complex. Text analytics therefore become essential. Metrivox B2B transfers qualitative in quantitative and provides orientation and content to customer teams.

Metrivox IoT

Metrivox takes care of the orchestration of the value chain in IoT. Measuring subjective value, tracking and analyzing its drivers, identifying ‘black holes’, smoothing the user experience, Metrivox makes value creation in IoT an extremely manageable task.